Water Damage Restoration


We provide a 24/7 professional water and flood damage restoration service.

Our services include the use of air movers and dehumidifiers to get your structure as dry as possible, as fast as possible.

We only apply the safest and most effective premium products to ensure optimum carpet restoration. With our 24/7 professional services we encourage you to call as soon as possible so that our team can get started before further damage occurs 

In most cases, we can restore your carpets to a better condition than before the flooding took place.

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Water Damage

so you got home from work, only to discover that all your carpets are drenched with water because your washing machine inlet pipe had burst. 

Flooding could have caused the same scenario, but the result is the same, and repair services are required. 

Get your carpets dry, and try to limit the damage to your couches, chairs, and everything with wooden legs.

This is not to mention any electric appliances that would have shorted out during the flood.

This kind of water damage is devastating, as it has the potential to massively reduce the value of your home

Water Damage Coomera

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Carpet Water Damage

As mentioned, carpet water damage is the worst. 

The first thing that needs to be done is for all the water to be vacuumed and extracted, preferably by an industrial level then mounted hot water extraction machine.

These high volume and very powerful machines can extract as much water as is physically possible.

 Once this has been done, we inspect the carpets and the underlay

We then decide whether we will remove the rest of the moisture without lifting the carpet and disposing of or letting the underlay get dry before laying the carpet again.


Water Damage Restoration

when it comes to water damage restoration, it can either be done as an insurance claim or as an ad hoc procedure

typically, when the whole house has been flooded, it would amount to an insurance job and in this case we will help you with all the technical details of filling out the insurance claim.

If there are any carpets or underlay or anything else such as skirting boards or floorboards that have to be replaced, we will work with you along with the insurance company schedule,

 everybody will be happy and you will have a brand-new bone dry house with no lingering moisture which could cause black mould and other fungus based areas capable of causing respiratory and allergy-based sickness.


Water Damage Brisbane

whether you are in Coomera, or Helenvale or anywhere between South Brisbane and the southern part of the Gold Coast, we will come and help.

What makes us different is that we have enough carpet drying equipment such as air blowers and carpet fans so we can leave this on your property until your carpets and floors are bone dry.

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Water Damage Coomera


Looking for water damage repair in Coomera, Queensland, then you have come to the right place.

We not only perform water damage repair in the electoral district of Coomera in Queens and, but in other areas north of the Gold Coast, Queensland as well

We can help you whether you with carpet water damage repair and water damage restoration or flooding water damage, be in surfers paradise, and with carpet water damage in Pimpama, Hope Island, Oxenford, Helensvale,

So what is different about the way we do water damage repair in the city of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia?

Our process for water damage repair is very thorough, and if you look at our Google reviews, you see that we take our profession very seriously.

We have more Google reviews than any competitor in our area.

Our thoroughness starts with a proper inspection to see if we can save any of your carpets, your underlay, and then we also check for the potential of black mould

First, we use squeegees and rubber brooms to sweep out most of the water, whether a washing machine pipe that had burst caused the water damage or from flooding in your area.

Thereafter we use our scalding water extraction unit that is truck mounted to vacuum or extract most water.

This is the same unit we use for our professional carpet cleaning, and because it is truck mounted, it offers the most powerful method of removing excess water and moisture from your carpets and underlay.

Thereafter, we will lift the carpets if required in order to get to the underlay.

Sometimes we have to remove and trash your underlay when it cannot be saved.

In most of these instances, where you have sustained serious water damage from flooding or a burst pipe, we would have to fill out a proper claim for your insurance.

We can definitely help you with that.

After cleaning your carpets, and lifting them for the sake of either replacing your underlay or drying it out systematically, we accomplish this by strategically placing carpet water dryers, dryer fans, dehumidifiers, air blowers and other carpet drying equipment strategically.

We also are stocked up for the sake of leaving the carpet drying equipment with you so you can be sure your carpets become as dry as a bone.

This leaves no chance for black mould to form, leaving you with the potential of your entire family suffering from respiratory disease and allergies.

As mentioned we are talking about Surfers Paradise right up to the North in Pimpama, Hope island, Willow Vale, Wongawallan, Oxenford and Upper Coomera

We do carpet water damage and water damage repair right up to the Coomera River

We even do flood damage repair in Logan, Beaudesert, Beenleigh, the Gold Coast and also the Albert River.

So if you are anywhere between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and you have suffered carpet water damage or water damage from a burst pipe or other instance, please call us as we are specialists in water damage in the northern Gold Coast, especially water damage Coomera and water damage Gold Coast.


If you are looking for services that can help you with water damaged repairs, then check out our reviews to see what others think about the way we have stopped and repaired the destruction of their property.





Water Damage Carpet Drying

As mentioned before, when it comes to water damage carpet drying, we are extremely professional and perfectly equipped. 

Our high power truck mounted water extraction unit will be able to leave you with carpets as dry as is physically possible.

We will also inspect all your carpets to see whether it needs to be lifted in order to prevent any mould -related disease in the future.

By leaving strategically position carpet drying fans, dehumidifiers and air blowers your house will be back to normal within a couple of days at most.

water damage restoration

Black Mold After Water Damage

Black mold is a terrible condition that is caused by moisture, specifically on organic surfaces like wood, underlay, floorboards et cetera. 

Some of the conditions required to prevent black mould is sunlight. 

For that reason we find it extremely important to inspect every aspect of your flooring as well as underlay and carpets so we can take the appropriate action to ensure that we dry it so completely that your house would be under no danger of ever becoming a host to black mould, or any other colour.

Black Mold After Water Damage Black mold is a terrible condition that is caused by moisture, specifically on organic surfaces like wood, underlay, floorboards et cetera.   Some of the conditions required to prevent black mould is sunlight.   For that reason we find it extremely important to inspect every aspect of your flooring as well as underlay and carpets so we can take the appropriate action to ensure that we dry it so completely that your house would be under no danger of ever becoming a host to black mould, or any other colour.

Air Blower

An air blower is an essential piece of drying equipment when it comes to ensuring that your whole house is dried to the point of not being able to become a host to mould related diseases. 

These are professionally positioned for maximum moisture removal and cleanup, and what’s more is that we will leave these at your house until you are happy with how dry the carpets have become.


Carpet Dryer

carpet dryers, combined with air blowers and dehumidifiers are all part of the arsenal required to dry your carpets your underlay and floorboards to complete satisfaction after we have extracted as much water and moisture as possible using high power hot water extraction units

How To Dry Wet Carpet

The best way to dry with carpets depends very much on the degree to which the area has been flooded.  If you have experienced severe flooding and water damage, and there is still a lot of water lying on top of your carpets and flooring, we start off by using squeegees and rubber brooms to get the worst of it  out of your house.

Thereafter, we employ our truck-mounted water extraction units, which does an unbelievable job in removing the rest of the moisture as far as is physically possible

Water Damage Restoration Gold Coast

The water damage repair sector is rapidly becoming a competitive industry and every day, companies have new ideas on how best to deal with affected areas in order to recover from water damage.

If you, like me, would like torepair water damage safely, effectively and economically, you need to follow advice.

Nowadays, every water damage remediation company has a different approach to how best to deal with the affected area. 

They have powerful equipment that can repair water damage.

Water damage remediation equipment is ideal for removing moisture from small spaces

It’s also ideal for removing moisture from a small area such as a house, building or even a car.

Quick Carpet Cleaners and our technicians repair water damage in a variety of ways, from small to large, using a wide range of tools and equipment.

You can always contact us to find out more about water damage remediation in your area.

If you have a problem with your house, business, property or any other property that you may need to repair water damage, please call us on  1300995113

If you need residential or commercial water remediation between Brisbane and the gold Coast, please call us  for more information.

Whenever you find your home or business with excessive water, you can call and start restoring water damage.

We help you avoid permanent damage to your property and to ensure that your property returns to its original condition.     

Check out our full list of water repair and restoration and learn more about our residential and commercial water restoration services.   

It may seem that if you are unlucky, you have water damage, but there is not much you can do about it. 

Sometimes, however, you can minimize your water – the cost of repairing damage by doing the work yourself.

Different cost factors play a big role in how much repairing water damage to your home will cost you.

Whether you are looking for a full service for water repair and restoration on the Gold Coast or a stop-off service for your special needs, the start of water-damaged restoration will be different.     

Some companies charge an hourly rate for repairing water damage.

Other times, water damage restoration can include a full service with another company.   

There are so many factors at play, but foremost you need the right equipment to recover from water damage.

One is how much the damage costs.

Water damage is like real estate, so the size and location of water damage is a big factor in how much you will pay for restoration work.   

Look for experienced and responsive water damage repair services that will help you document the damage and properly document your claim.

With this information, your technician can then create a suitable restoration plan that is specifically tailored to the case of water damage to your property.

We provide you with a comprehensive list of repairs that need to be carried out and will equip you so that you can make the best decision about how to proceed.   

Here is a scenario that describes what the remediation of water damage involves depending on the category and damage level.

The ICRC S-500 document categorizes three types of water damage into three categories: non-structural, structural and structural damage to real estate.      

The remediation of water damage refers to the repair and restoration of houses, offices and buildings damaged by water, sewage and mould.

Water damage can be remedied by building maintenance staff, but it can also be described as repairing or restoring water – damaged property.

However, contacting a certified water damage specialist is often considered the safest way to restore water damaged properties.

If the do-it-yourself method does not work, you can hire a professional water damage repair service to work on your home or business.

You may miss out on getting a competent water damage cleaning service, and that will ultimately cost you a lot of time.

Question: How Long Does It Take For The Carpet To Dry?

Answer: after 95% of water has been extracted from the carpets using our high-powered truck mounted vacuum cleaners, it all depends on the kind of carpet, the surrounding humidity and whether the customer is willing to employ carpet drying equipment on how long it will take before the carpets are bone dry, and incapable of presenting a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.


Question: What Type of Carpet Cleaning is the best?

Answer: carpet cleaning essentially consists of four processes, the first being pre-spray, there after agitation, thereafter application of foam or hot water, and finally extraction.  Depending on the fiver and pile and woven material, one should employ the appropriate method to preserve the structural integrity and colour of the carpet.


Question: Why should I hire a professional carpet cleaner instead of doing it myself?

Answer: Carpet cleaning is a science, and even though it is possible for you to do a very good job, the average household don’t have access to the proper equipment nor experience and knowledge for the sake of producing a professional result.


Question: How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Answer: if it is only for standard type of carpet cleaning with a truckmounted vacuum extractor, the rate in your area should be fairly similar and generic.  However, it all depends what kind of results you want, and here you are best served by reading the Google reviews of the top carpet cleaners as this will give you an idea of the value you receive for your dollars.

Leaking is normally one of the problems associated with water damage. This can happen very quickly such as a pipe of a washing machine or dishwasher bursting and covering your carpets with a layer of water, or it could happen slowly when caused by a leaking gasket or a slow drip.

Of course flood damage is entirely different as you have masses of water leaking into your house via many different entrance points such as under the doors.

Water damage describes the damage caused by flooding and excess water normally occurring when you have excessive rain or when something more catastrophic happens such as a burst water pipe .

The damage may be very slow or very fast depending on what is causing the water damage .

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning business, you should always read reviews to see what kind of Customer experience you could expect.

Even read the negative reviews as this will give you an idea of what is the worst that can happen should everything go pear-shaped.

Stain removal, a highly scientific field in its own right should be in the arsenal of the carpet cleaning company that you choose.

Many believe that steam is capable of removing stains to the satisfaction of most, but this is not true.

One has to look at the quality training that the technician has received, whether they use professional machines, and whether they are familiar with upholstery cleaning and all aspects of the best method to remove dye-stains and other common household spots.

water damage restoration


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