Coomera, Pimpama, Hope Island, Helensvale, Upper Coomera & Runaway Bay



Coomera is in one of Australia’s fastest growing areas. 


You can also find the properties on the Coomera Pimpama Hope Foundation website and see for yourself some other amenities you will find in the nearby city center.


Upper Coomera is on the north side of Coomera


Upper Coomera has several shopping facilities, the most important is the Coomera Pimpama Hope Foundation shopping center.


Nearby are major shopping malls such as Pacific Pines Shopping Centre, Pacific Park Shopping Centre.

Several shopping centres in Upper Coomera include the PIMPAMA Hope Charity Centre on the corner of Binstead Way and Pembrokeshire Way. 


The northern Pacific Pines shopping center is on a corner, while the southern shopping centre of Pimpama Hope Centre is in the northern part of the city, just off the road to the south.


The Northern Gold Coast region has some of the best schools on the Gold Coast, including private and state schools in Upper Coomera.


Willow Vale is also home to many public and private schools, including St. Mary’s, St. Paul’s and St. Andrew’s.


At the northern end of Upper Coomera there are many state schools, such as St Joseph’s School, and there are other private and public schools and several private colleges and universities.


Other suburbs along the Gold Coast include St John’s College, the University of Queensland, and the Queensland Institute of Technology.


It is home to many schools and colleges, including the prestigious St George’s University, University College and University School of Brisbane.


The eastern foothills and hinterland lie beneath the Gold Coast region, with a population of about 2,000 people in Upper Coomera and 1,500 in Willow Vale.


Coomera is located just off the Pacific Motorway and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Gold Coast region.

The town of Upper Coomera in the north borders the Willow Vale and is separated by the Coomera River in the south and by a Pacific Highway in the east.


It is on the south and west sides of Lower Coogee and borders several other tourist attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef National Park.


This nature reserve is on the south side of Lower Coogee and borders the Great Barrier Reef National Park and the Coomera River and its tributaries.


The park is also located directly on the Pacific Motorway, just south of the town of Upper Coomera.

It is the only one of its kind in Australia and a popular tourist destination and a pleasant suburb to live in.


Although strongly family oriented and marketed to those at the upper end of the social scale with interests such as boating and waterfront lifestyle, there seems no doubt that Coomera is an ideal place for families with children and young people of all ages and backgrounds.


For sports enthusiasts, the area has five golf courses, including the Gold Coast Country Club, which used to host the Queensland PGA.

Hope Island Resort also features Pat Cash Tennis Academy and Sanctuary Cove features several private and public swimming pools, a golf course, tennis courts and a swimming pool.


The Coomera Crushers Rugby Union Club was founded in 2002 and is in the area on the south side of Hope Island, north of the Gold Coast Highway.


In the surrounding suburbs there are several private and public golf courses, and a golf course, golf club and tennis court.

It specialises in properties in and around the surrounding suburbs and there are several restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and other amenities in the area.

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