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Carpet cleaning was just carpet cleaning up until we came along with our special 3 STRIKE POWER COMBO

This 3 pronged method offers our customers the very best results.

Our unique 3 STRIKE POWER COMBO consists of

1) the Most Powerful Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Machines Available
2) Scientifically Formulated Cleaning Agents for Every Unique Carpet or Task
3) We Use Evidence Backed Science to Get Repeatable Results for Every Job

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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner with Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Our Reviews Are the Best, And That’s Why Quick Carpet Cleaning Are the Best

Do you offer presale house cleaning ?

We absolutely do, to the extent that we offer carpet cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, driveway pressure cleaning, but carpet cleaning is our forte.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we normally start with a pre-extraction vacuum, and to this end we employ a very powerful industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

This is part of our truck mount carpet cleaner and hot water extraction system. Even though we can offer dry carpet cleaning, we find that our hot water extraction system provides exceptional results.

Sometimes we employ our floor scrubber or bonnet system for certain kinds of carpet and textile, but throughout we find that if we use the correct cleaning agent and proper pre-spray solution or solvent, our clients get results that they are very pleased with

dry carpet cleaning

Do I Need to Move Furniture for Carpet Cleaning

It very much depends, but typically we would like you to clear the carpets which you need to be cleaned.

If you are elderly, or a single parent, we would be willing to help you should you not have the capacity to move the furniture yourself.

However, because our prices are so competitive, we will have to add a small pro rata rate to the final bill based on the time we spent helping you move furniture around.

Remember that we are very efficient and fast, and pride ourselves on being quick carpet cleaners. This is primarily because we use the proper surfactant, pre-spray solution and solvent together with powerful professional truck mount carpet cleaners that provides excellent results on any textile.

We are in and out in a jiffy leaving you with a beautiful clean fresh carpet.

If you will need help moving your furniture around, please give us a call so we can make provision to spend some extra time with you.

hot water extraction

Can We Help with Carpet Water Damage?

Yes, we specialise in helping with carpet flood damage and water damage restitution.

Our equipment is specially designed to deal with extracting huge quantities of water and leaving the carpet as dry as is possible. Our very powerful hot water extraction unit ensures that we get rid of all mud, dirt and waterborne grime.

After we have removed all the excess water, and cleaned your carpets, we then set about to ensure that your carpets are completely dry again.

Not only does this prevent them from getting dirty again, but it also prevents them from being damaged or shrinking.

For the sake of completely drying your house out again so that all surfaces are dry, we could place carpet fan dryers and dehumidifiers throughout your house for a day or two, or however long it takes for your carpets to dry out completely.

We have years of experience in helping home owners recover from water damage, and you can call on us any time to come and help you get your house and your carpets dry as a bone, and brilliantly clean again

hot water extraction

Do We Do Emergency Carpet Cleaning?

Absolutely. Because we specialise in water damage remediation for carpets, when it comes to carpet flood damage repair we are definitely set up to help you professionally.

Not only do we have the hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines to help you vacuum all the water out of the carpet, but we also have the carpet drying fans and dehumidifiers to get your whole house dry as a bone.

So if you have a carpet damage emergency, please give us a call or fill in the form below and we will call you back right away


Are We the Best Local Carpet Cleaners?

If you are looking for carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast northside or carpet cleaners in Brisbane’s southside, then we are the best local carpet cleaners.

As mentioned, the reason why we are so good (and you can check our reviews here), is the fact that we use science for the sake of getting the best outcome on every carpet we clean.

Not only that we use the most powerful hot water extraction vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines, and we find that we provide three times more steam and three times more suction power than our competitors

Together with this, we always use the best cleaning agent and carpet cleaning solution for every job.

Since there are so many different kinds of textile when it comes to carpets, one cannot afford to use the incorrect chemicals.

So when it comes to providing these three crucial ingredients that leaves you with a smile on your face, we are definitely the carpet cleaners you should call now

truckmount carpet cleaner

What Is Basic Carpet Cleaning?

For us, basic carpet cleaning refers to our carpet cleaning service which is geared to offer you excellent outcomes in the shortest possible time period.

When you hire us as carpet cleaners to provide this kind of carpet cleaning, we would expect you to have moved all the furniture and left us with the carpets you need to have cleaned.

We will also need a parking spot for our truck as close to the house as possible.

If these conditions are met, we are literally in and out in a jiffy, and the cleaning results would be so good that you would have a smile on your face.

First things first. We start by using an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust, particulates and other dirt from the carpet that is to be treated and cleaned.

So we will come in with our pre-cleaning carpet cleaning solutions and cleaning agents and spray it on the carpet whilst agitating it with a brush. By the time we have unrolled our vacuum extractor, the chemicals that we have sprayed on your carpet textile would have had a chance to work its magic and to break up whatever grime, dirt or stains we need to remove.

Now comes the powerful hot water extraction unit, and you will see the contrast immediately between the newly cleaned areas and the dirty carpet being cleaned.

It does not take long, and before you know we wipe your skirting boards clean and you are faced with brand-new beautiful clean smelling carpets that will turn your neighbours green with envy


carpet cleaning

Do We Do Carpet Cleaning in Ocean Shores?

Yes, very much. Ocean Shores is just one of the many areas that we service with carpet cleaning in the southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Not only do we provide carpet stain removal Gold Coast, but because the Gold Coast North is very flood prone in some areas we also offer a professional carpet drying service.

Our carpet restoration service and rug cleaning service on the Gold Coast is 2nd to none. As mentioned our flood damage drying service is one of the best you could find.


What Cleaning Agent or Solution Do You Use for Each Type of Carpet Textile?

 Years ago in the sector most detergents as well as hair shampoos were merely soap, much like that which we wash and also shower with.

Think of lathering and taking a shower up from head to toe and also not rinsing the soap off of your body.

You simply step out of the shower and enable the soap to air dry on your body. It doesn’t take much imagination to find out what that would be like.

You would get much dirtier much faster,

Years ago when rug cleansing solutions were much more “soapy,” clearly sticky residue was left behind as well as rugs would in fact get dirtier much faster since dust would certainly “stick” to the soapy residue.

As a weapon versus their shampoo-based competitors,  steam cleansing firms (and some others) began declaring that they “leave no deposit behind.”

Appears great as … however as just talked about, it is just not real. All systems leave a residue … period!

In the modern-day era there have actually been incredible improvements in shampoo as well as detergent modern technology.


How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning


The first thing you have to do is to clear the carpets that need to be cleaned. Here we can help you if you are unable to move the furniture, but there are some kinds of furniture that are just too hard for us to help you move and this includes.

  • China cabinets with china in them
  • Book shelves with books in them
  • Any furniture with electronics on them (unless the customer moves the electronic devices)
  • Most beds are not moved

Any extremely heavy piece that has always stayed in the same place

Most other furniture can easily be “slid” out from its position long enough to clean behind or under it and then it will be replaced.

Furniture sliders (plastic squares that you place under the legs of furniture) make this process very easy.

It is extremely important that after you replace the furniture that styro- foam blocks be placed under the legs or around the bottom of wooden and metal furniture.

This is because wood furniture is coated with wood stain that will bleed onto a wet carpet.

It is virtually impossible to get wood stain out of a carpet!

Metal will often rust unto the carpet as well.

Putting the furniture piece up on blocks eliminates this potential problem. For lighter furniture with legs you will want to place furniture “chips” (plastic or aluminum sheets typically cut 3″x 3″) under each leg after you have moved the furniture piece back into position. 

This is really all you have to do, as well as make sure that there is parking space for the truck close enough to the house for them to bring their houses into.

floor scrubber

Are We a Pro Cleaning Company that Can Do Carpet Cleaning and Restoration?

Yes, and we are very good at our job.

Firstly we have invested in the finest hot water steam cleaning equipment.
STEAM CLEANING (also known as “hot water extraction”) –

It is the most common choice and probably about 80% of professional carpet cleaners use this approach.

It is a system that injects, via water jets, extremely hot water into the carpet at between 100 and 500 PSI (PSI: Pounds per Square Inch).

The water is jetted in and immediately ex- tracted out with a vacuum hose attached to a cleaning wand.

This is a highly efficient system and it also is the system that has brought us all of our reviews.

We also use the very best pre-spray solvents and solutions, and after spraying we allow around five minutes for the stains or grant to be broken down.

Spot and Stain Removers

There are a number of spot removers you will need. The good news is that you will only use them from time to time so the up-keep and expense is very low.

In other words, most of these you will only buy every 4 to 6 months.

These include: Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover (known in the field as P.O.G.); ink remover, red stain remover, urine odor and stain remover, brown-out; coffee and tannin remover, odor remover, and rust remover.

They are easy to use. Simply follow the directions on the bottles.

There is a difference between a stain and a spot and I will explain this later when I go over treating spots.


Carpet Cleaning and Babies

For most moms and dads, a carpet is the ideal decor addition that can provide their kid with a soft area to crawl and use too.

While there’s no rejecting that carpets are a welcome decor accessory, with time, they do collect dust and dirt.

If you do unclean yours appropriately, it will play host to a variety of pollutants, consisting of dust mites, heavy metals, pesticides, and other persistent chemicals.

Needless to say, this will position a major hazard to the health of your developing baby.

Without the best care, your favourite Persian carpet can develop into a prospective risk.

Here’s how you can prevent that.

Toxic Emissions

As the ‘cleansing professional moms and dad’, you’re probably taking all steps to ensure that your surrounding environment is as safe for your child as possible.

So, you launch into a DIY carpet-cleaning job. Sadly, what most carpet owners fail to recognize is that the cleaning agents that are used as cleaning up agents could be made up of damaging chemicals that stay in the carpet even after it has actually dried.

The result is toxic emissions that your kid will breathe in. It is definitely important to understand what products are safe for children, and whether they have any adverse impacts.

For this reason, as expert carpet cleaners in Pimpama we make sure that the cleaning up representatives utilized are without any toxins that could be potentially damaging for your kid.

Dust Research carried out by different healthcare professionals worldwide have found parts of lead, pesticides and combustion spin-offs in home dust.

Levels of relentless bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) and lawn herbicides were likewise found that have actually been linked with long-term health impacts.

Professionals have discovered that these dust particles were present regardless of whether the carpet was vacuumed on a regular basis or not.

Allergen Dust mites thrive in carpet. While vacuuming, these float into the air, and settle down once again once you are done cleansing.

These can activate your kids’ allergies. According to the Australasian Society of Scientific Immunology and Allergic Reaction (ASCIA), Australia has one of the greatest allergy prevalence rates worldwide.

Up to 40% of Australian kids reveal proof of allergic sensitization.

Hire the professionals now to ensure that your carpet is safe for your child!

Quick Carpet Cleaning are professionals


As a Pimpama Local, Did You Know the Following Interesting Facts About Pimpama? 

The suburb of Pimpama is situated on the Pacific motorway around 30 km north of surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

The Pimpama township is rural, and regarded as the last remaining rural town on the Pacific motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Pimpama’s population has grown rapidly, increasing by 92% over the last few years

The Pimpama River flows on the northern boundary of the suburb and flows from the Darlington range at Kingsholm right down to Moreton Bay

Hotham Creek also flows through Pimpama and meets up with the Pimpama river to the north east of Pimpama



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