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If your house has suffered extensive water or flood damage, or if you run a business offering flood damage restoration services, and you are looking for an easy cost free alternative of renting carpet drying fans or dehumidifiers, then we have a hands-free solution you will love.

The time you will save by contacting us as compared to the rigmarole of hiring or renting carpet drying equipment from Bunnings or Kennards will save you heaps of time and lots of money.

Call us, and we will take care of the whole job of placing industrial grade carpet drying equipment at your client’s premises, including carpet drying fans or blowers and dehumidifiers.

When we have achieved the desired results, and your client is happy with his new dried and restored carpets call us and we will collect the carpet drying equipment and send you an invoice.

Our rates are better or equivalent than anybody else in the industry, and the best thing about it is included us dropping and collecting the carpet drying equipment

That there is yet another reason you will love our service.

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Air Blower Rental

Rent an air blower or carpet dryer for complete restoration from flood damage

What is the best way to dry your carpet after a leak?

A professional carpet fan or carpet dryer will be the answer to get rid of any moisture and dampness out of wet carpets after flood damage or water damage.

Whether you are a homeowner wanting to restore your carpets to the same pristine condition they were prior to water or flood damage, remember we provide same day service and delivery of our commercial fans and blowers.

We also offer custom solutions depending on your service requirements to those in the trade.

We rent out a professional range of carpet fans, air blowers of different capacities and dehumidifying units to all Gold Coast suburbs.

Our standard rates apply in a radius of 40 km around Pimpama

Beyond these areas, we will offer our service with a small surcharge to cover our transport fees.

However, these fees are minuscule and merely allow us to provide this great service to those beyond Pimpama and in the greater Gold Coast area.

You can call or text now on 1300995113 or  fill out an inquiry form here

Do I Need An Air Blower Fan Rental?

If you want a long-term and complete solution to repairing your carpets against accidental water damage, a carpet dryer blower rental is essential.

Not only does it allow you to comply with health and safety regulations in your workplace or your home, but by removing excess water from the carpets and the air (by means of a humidifier) you are preventing any further damage from occurring in the long term. 

This will also protect valuable electronic equipment like desktop pcs, electrical appliances and other essential electric equipment such as CPAP machines or oxygen concentrators.

Extra moisture and water can cause rusting and calcification, and mould could accumulate on clothing and furniture, leaving your whole family or workforce prone to chronic respiratory health conditions.


Why Use A Commercial Grade Carpet Drying Fan Or Blower?

Just like with any appliance, you get those purely for residential use or light use, and then you get the heavy duty ones typically required for commercial applications.

The duty cycle of these two different models are similar, but the architecture and manufacturing for the commercial or industrial grade units are always ramped up to provide a much higher duty cycle.

As the saying goes, never take a knife to a gunfight, and this is true for copper drying equipment.

These commercial carpet drying fans are good for almost all carpet drying requirements, and especially so for flood damage restoration or accidental water damage.

They will entirely dry your carpets, rugs, floors, interiors and outdoor areas because the air can penetrate the hardest to reach places.

These units are also easy to operate, requiring the same duty of care as a typical fan.  Ensure that they are not exposed to electric shorts by placing them on insulating material such as bricks or dry timber.  Just switch them on and you are good to go.

Leave these fans running for as long as is needed, because the dryer the carpet, the less chance you have for the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria and microbial pathogens

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How Do You Set Up An Air Blower Or Carpet Dryer?

First, make sure that every room has at least one air blower and aim the carpet drying fan to spread the airflow over the wettest parts of the carpet.

Maximise air ventilation by opening your doors and windows.

Once you have made sure that all your electrical equipment has been checked for water-logging, and you have tested your trip switch to ensure that there are no electrical shorts, you can also use any split unit air conditioning or electric heaters to improve the drying process by heating the ambient air.

The carpet drying fans are okay to be running day and night until your carpets are dry. 

For saturated areas you might need to remove the underlay by lifting the carpets. 

This will allow the stream of air to get in between the layers and help with the evaporation and extraction of the moisture.

Once again aim the carpet fan blowers to spread that air directly onto the most saturated areas underneath.

There is a timeframe in which you can repair damaged carpets from flood damage, so the sooner you start the better. 

Depending on how saturated your carpets have become, the entire process could take from a day to a week and beyond. 

Better to ensure that everything is dry as a bone to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.

If you’re using more than one fan, make sure you aim them properly to dry the total area.


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Why Mold Is Normally Associated With Carpet Water Damage?

Remember that mould loves the dark, and it also allows wet conditions. 

Without proper care and mould prevention, dark or areas in which air circulates slowly easily becomes a host for mould. 

Professional blowers, carpet drying fans and dehumidifiers extracts the much required moisture that provides mould growth. 

The dry conditions produced by a professional dehumidifier or carpet fan inhibits further mould or moss growth. 

Also remember that excessive levels of humidity indoors exacerbates the spread of mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. 

All pathogen is invisible to the naked eye affect those with asthma and allergies, and the dry conditions produced by renting an industrial carpet drying fan is just what the doctor ordered.

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How To Rent A Carpet Air Blower

It is now possible to rent the same carpet drying equipment that professional carpet cleaners and water damage restorers use for removing moisture and humidity from the air to prevent your carpets from being permanently damaged after being inundated with water.

We have over 10 years of experience in carpet cleaning and flood damage restoration, and therefore we can help you professionally and provide you with professional advice on getting the most out of the equipment for your particular requirements or your clients requirements.

As mentioned right on top, we will provide you with our specialised service of setting it all up for you at your client’s premises if you choose.  This way you know that it has been done right, and that we will take care of it.

So many of our clients absolutely love this hands-free method of getting the job done for their clients.

Depending on your requirements, we have a comprehensive collection of carpet fans, carpet drying blowers, dehumidifying units and other water damage restoration equipment at our disposal.

Whether it is your own home, or your office or business environment or a large commercial undertaking, we take care of your requirements from delivery to pickup and everything in between.

So whether you want to take advantage of high profit insurance jobs or get your clients to save thousands by offering a professional water damage restoration service, then our all in one turn key carpet drying equipment rental service is all you need.















So How Does A Humidifier Function?

Our range of dehumidifiers extract water from air that passes through the unit.  

You get two kind of dehumidifiers, the one being condensate dehumidifiers and then desiccant humidifiers.

Condensate dehumidifiers use a refrigerator to collect moisture, whereas desiccant humidifiers or absorption dehumidifiers attract moisture with hydrophilic materials like silica gel.

The larger commercial systems use hot air recovery systems to remove humid air from outside the room.

Keep in mind that the energy efficiency of dehumidifiers can differ. 

Thermal condensation dehumidification relies on drawing air across a cold surface, and these electric refrigeration dehumidifiers are the most common type.

For your purposes all you need to know is that they work by drawing moist air over a refrigerator, the evaporator using a fan.

What Are The Features Of Our Dehumidifiers And Carpet Drying Fans Or Blowers?

  • Well firstly it removes dust mites, mould, condensation and mildew
  • It also reduces sickness and the high risk of respiratory medical conditions
  • It also reduces odours
  • The heavier units have wheels for easy mobility 





Hot water extraction

What Does Our Emergency Water Damage Carpet Drying Service Cover?

If floods or accidental water leakage damages your carpets, we can help you out by firstly using a hot water extraction unit to remove all the mud from your flooded carpets.

We offer the service mostly in the northern Gold Coast area around Pimpama and Helensvale, but upon request we would come out to any Gold Coast suburb.

We offer this carpet and rug drying service together with our regular carpet cleaning service. 

Our hot water extraction unit can also provide and upholstery cleaning and drying service. 

Removal of moisture prevents the growth of mould, bacteria and microbial decay.

Our expert tile and grout cleaning service and mattress cleaning service could also be of interest.

Our industrial steam cleaning equipment, and air carpet drying fans (convective) and humidifiers (to reduce relative humidity) provide you with all the solutions you require for flood damage restoration

We can accomplish this dehydration without increasing the surrounding temperature.  





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